Thursday, December 27, 2012


Love yourself that much more important. I started dating at young age and I was always that innocent girl who was committed to her boyfriend but end up with broken hearted. I was also always in a relationship. I’ve been in three relationships that lasted awhile and every single of them started almost immediately after break up.

I’m the type that would never break someone’s heart which is why I rather get dumped than to break up even it was the most miserable moment in a relationship. Eventually things changed. As I grow up I started to see things clearly. I also realized all these things happened for a something better. I enjoyed single and every single moment that time!

By living alone, I had to be on my own to appreciate myself and really made me more mature. It took me awhile to realize that I don’t need a guy to be happy and have a better life. And now currently I’m happy with my loved ones. Actually you don’t have to push yourself to have a relationship but keep believing.

Every girl ought to know how to stand on her own feet without having a man to fall back on. Always learn from your mistakes from past that’s how you gonna understand and appreciate yourself more. Sometimes we need to put others aside and do what’s the best for us. Remember that girls don’t necessarily need guys to be happy. Mr. right will coming along. Just learn to love yourself before let anyone love you


Monday, November 19, 2012

18th NOV 2012

It was the best day yesterday. We went for a movie and decided to watch Istanbul Aku Datang. It was a beautiful movie after all. Funny yet sweet through the combination of Beto Khusyairi and Lisa Surihani. Plus Dian was sooo cute! I did really like the plot. Lebih kurang sama with what I’ve been gone through. Siapa yang tak tengok lagi better watch sebab memang worth it!

Then me and love had Butter Rice with Gravy Roasted Chicken at Pavilion for lunch. Lepas dah pusing pusing we straight headed back to Shah Alam. Even dah makan pun still lapar. Thought of what to eat Syg decided to have Steambat at Uptown Shah Alam. Soooo yummy yummy. Makan makan dan makan.

Why it was the best day. Hmm yela siapa yang tak happy spending the day with the loved ones kan. Lepas makan borak borak talked about opinion masing masing. Talked about life people around us and our future. Thank God for having him with me. That's all I wanted. kbye


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well it’s not like you turn 21 each year. The fact that is I’m gonna turn to 21 just in a few days away and I have no idea how it would be. I’m not looking forward to it actually. I finished my graduation but still I can’t come over the fact that, in the age of 21 I own a car with my own money. And in this age I thought so many things about the future. Worried about money and savings and I also have plan on applying housing loan. Too fast I know. That’s it. Talking about the celebration. I’m not into a celebration thingy same goes to my family.  Remember the date of my birthday is more than enough.

What I do before I turn 21. Loads. On last Monday, I went to a football match between Manchester City against Harimau Malaya. It was an amazing feeling when I had the chance watched a live football match. Moreover it’s my favourite football club ever, Manchester City.  Well about this I’m gonna tell in the next entry.

Okay watched football match and what else.  Hm I tried out Bazaar Putrajaya. FYI, along this fasting month, I already checked on 5 bazaars include Bazaar Section 17, Bazaar Section 18, Bazaar PKNS, Bazaar stadium and the latest Bazaar Putrajaya. Bazaar Stadium much better I guess than Bazaar Putrajaya. You should try both.

Then played bowling at Sunway Pyramid. It was so enjoyable. Why I said so. I’m not so superb in this game compared to my partner but I won for the second game. Hetric. 3 times strike.  Well don’t underestimate me hehe. He was unsatisfied because he dropped 20 points away against me for the second game so we decided to rematch. Just soon enough. Takde hal lah. Bring it onnn :D


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Kau adalah diriku dan aku adalah dirimu
Hanya Tuhan tahu apa ada depan nanti

Telah lama aku nantikan dari saat aku dipisahkan 
Dari sinar kita yang menghilang


I've been listened to the local songs lately and this is my top 3 best and awesome local songs. Here I pick out the songs that really really catch my ears recently. Enjoy :)

#3 Kaka & Zizan - Bawaku Pergi

 #2 Aku Suka Dia - Ainan Tasneem

#1 Sleeq & Najwa Latif - Untuk Dia

Friday, July 27, 2012


Bila cakap internet semua orang pun suka. Boleh cakap kepakaran semua orang lah. Berjuta juta manusia pun surf internet almost all the time. Medium pelbagai aktiviti. Youtube. Facebook. Blogger. Me myself pun gila internet which I mean suka surfing blogging and posting. But internet actually ada pros and cons. Bila digunakan for a negative way contribute to a negative things. And even digunakan in a postive way pun still ada potential contribute negative things.

Internet do teach me some lessons and from that lessons I keep reminding myself to use it carefully. Extra careful. Well I nak tanya korang. From where did the stalkers and hackers exist. Actually apa yang trigger these kind of people exists.  The social networking itself. The wide world internet itself kan. Memang internet ni takde rules. It's up to korang nak upload and share apa apa. Tapi beringat

Memanglah korang cakap yang korang approve semua kawan sendiri but kita memang taktau hasad dengki orang kan even dengan yang paling rapat sekali. It happened to me. I bukan jenis yang friendly and approve orang yang tak kenal. Post pictures and checked in semua benda yang I buat and tempat yang I pergi but it turns to additional information kepada orang yang hasad dengki and hati busuk. Which is Kawan sendiri.

Dulu once I admit I share my real info in this blog and post gambar semua. Since ada stalker lepas tu backstabbers sekali yang tak senang tengok orang senang I remove everything. Actually once you post pictures in the internet those pictures will remain. There is no fucking way to remove. And orang boleh buat anything with your pictures bersepah dekat google.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Who am I. I am not a spiderman, batman or wonder girls. I’m just an ordinary one but yet ambitious. I’m not a rich girl but yet rich with dreams. Well I’m not so friendly for the first time meeting. People used to label me ‘sombong’ but actually tak pun. Once you get close with me you’ll see the real me.

I’m the kind of girl who is quiet in large groups or around people I don’t know. You only see the real me if we’re close. You know I'm comfortable with you when I'm weird with you. I sing whatever song comes into my mind. I say everything that’s on my mind. I talk nonstop. I do stupid jokes. I smile and laugh a lot, especially at the most inappropriate times with the person I am comfortable with. You just can see the difference. When I’m with the person I’m not so close I’m a lil a bit shy and only speak when it’s really really need.

I don’t have lots of friends. Only few of them. Some said that I’m choosy in having friends but actually I’m not. It just mementingkan keselesaan. If I’m not comfortable it would be awkward but once dah comfortable I’m gonna cling to that person wherever I go and whatever I wanna do. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's been awhile I didn’t update my bloggy and feed the followers with some new stories of my life. Admit that I miss myself writing a blog and share some good and bad stories to the world and now I'm gonna start afresh. Gonna be a brand new ideas and materials to share with and to open up with. No more sad love stories hmm think so hehe. 

Well as the month goes by, I'm already graduated so I decided to start with my afterschool plans. What can I say here there are loads things I wanna do. Yeah am upgrading my life.

Firstly my car is going out just soon enough. Just need a little of patience. Secondly my side income business is on going. Actually I got two business plans to build. One for the short term and another one for the long term which I mean is the first business plan is only organize by me myself while another one with my business partner. I’m still finding some information to gain opinions and tips from the experience one. How much exactly the costs I need to invest and the risks of starting a business from scratch. I’m not gonna tell to the world yet what is actually the business I am up to. Just wait and see.

It’s been a quite some times I didn’t meet and hang with the friends. Just making money money and money.  It’s not an excuse but I admit I’m too busy to make all my plans become a reality. It just I do really need times to strengthen my position and of course finance.  There are some of them said that I am too young for everything. Too young to be serious in making a business and finding money. Tapi bila lagi kita nak start kan. Too young too early better than too old too late. Right.

I am hundred percent confident with all of it. Be positive!


Sunday, March 25, 2012


This is our song. Much love 

I have these two sisters. We're same in thoughts. We're always there for each other. We're understanding each other. This almost 9 years friendship we cherish so much moments together. Since  the age of 13 till the age of 21, no one can replace them as my bffs. Keep supporting each other through ups and downs. We don't have so much in commons though but still we're completing each other.

Nothing much I would say about them. I think everyone knows about our best friendship. Thanks for everything babies. We were just ym-ing just now. Frigging miss both of you babies. Miss the time we had fun together and laughed like there's no tomorrow. Other than my family, they're my second important person. Till death do us apart. LOVE

Friday, March 23, 2012

Menantu vs Mertua

Marriage is not a simple thing as we think and not something that we can play with. It's not actually involved just two persons, you and your husband but it does involve other parties which I mean is keluarga mertua and determines your future life.

I listened to this one segment "Mak Mertua Ku" on one of our national radio. This is her story. " Mak mertua saya ni jenis yang sporting yang best. Anak dia sorang lelaki so saya ni menantu perempuan kesayangan lah. Saya duduk dengan dia jaga dia. Whatever kalau pergi mana-mana dia suka follow sebab dia suka jalan. Honeymoon pun kita bawak dia sekali sebab husband ni anak mak."

She continued," Mak dia akan follow kalau tahu pergi mana-mana. Even nak pergi mamak pun mak dia mesti nak follow. Memang start kahwin kitorang tak pernah berdua dan memang ada orang ketiga lah. Saya pun ok je lah sebab mak dia kan. Last year tiba-tiba husband saya ajak pergi anivesarry tanpa pengetahuan mak dia. Kita pergi senyap-senyap tapi dengan kawan-kawan.Pergi langkawi. Then mak dia dapat tau, mak dia sangat marah, dia cakap takkan halalkan susu yang dia bagi dekat anak dia."

"Then kitorang kena buang dan dia tahu kelemahan anak lelaki dia adalah perempuan. Mak dia bagi satu girl untuk anak dia meruntuhkan masjid kitorang. Dia call girlfriend lama anak lelaki dia and ajak dinner semua. Mula-mula husband ignore lah tapi ikan kan. Kucing mana nak tolak ikan. Ikan kering pun dia nak jugak."

"Mak dia pernah serang saya and hantar form cerai dekat saya untuk penceraian. Dia bagi dekat saya and dia serang dengan perempuan tu. Maki-maki saya. Saya still bersama suami terpaksa kerana anak. Mak mertua saya kata manusia sentiasa melakukan kesilapan so saya redha terima suami saya and keluarga mertua saya even saya marah sangat and tak boleh terima and nak maafkan dia sampai akhir hayat. Walaupun orang cakap mak mertua ni macam mak kan tapi tergamak dia aniaya saya. Dia suruh anak lelaki dia balik and duduk situ selama setahun. Saya dah selesa tiba-tiba husband saya dtg mintak maaf."

Macam-macam lagi sebenarnya. Well this kind of thing do happens nowadays in our culture. From this, me myself take each of everything that happened in someone else marriage life as a lesson and be careful in making choices. Sama-sama kita jadikan iktibar.


I'm gonna wait you as long as you ask me to. For you I would just be there. No matter what people gonna says, no matter what people gonna do just to see us break into pieces. I'm brave enough to fight all of it if you stay beside me and hold my hands. I would just go through all the way and endure every unbearable pain if you here by my side. You're my strength. You're my heartbeat. All I need is you.

p/s: Ya Allah, sekiranya dia jodohku, Kau permudahkanlah perjalanannya. Sekiranya dia bukan jodohku, Kau jauhkanlah dia dari ingatanku Kau buanglah dia dari hatiku.


5 days more I'm gonna end my study. I do have some plans or should I say WISH-TO-DO-LIST.

1- License. Well I should get a license before a car. You don't have to be surprised. I don't have a car license yet. Due to the super duper pack timetable, I don't have the chance to take a driving license. Plus I wanna take driving class at my hometown, Shah Alam. In that case, I have decided to settle my car license as I finish my study soon.

2- A car. Mama promise me to get a car for me after I finish my study. InsyaAllah I'm gonna own a car just soon enough well with mama's sponsorship. Mama give me some options but my eyes already catch on local made. I'm not really into a luxury car. What I need is a trendy car that suits me.The colour should be my favorite color which is red or white. And what else. Okay enough with this

3- Find a job. I'm on my way finding someone interested to hire me. I'm not stay-silent-at-home type. I already attended an interview and I got the job but still I filled few other applications and still on-going in finding some other jobs near to my house so that it's easier for me. 

4- Buy a pair of Manchester city jersey. Is this one sounds funny. I don't mind. Well that's it. 

5- Apply scholarship. There is no way I forget about this one. Busy with other stuff I almost forgot the important one. I already had some lists of scholar for me to fill in. I should put reminder on this I

6- Baking Muffins. I'm gonna strengthen and shape up my baking skills. Muffins and chocolate chip cookies. I already imagine a plan to market my homemade muffins and cookies. As I'm still a beginner so I will start it step by step.

7- Buy guitar on my own.  I have collected some to buy guitar using my own money. I already surveyed the cost last few days with friends. I need just a few more to finally reach the cost target. Then I can proceed my guitar learning session by myself. Yippeeee

Monday, March 19, 2012


Tuhan bagi kita dugaan tak henti-henti sebab Dia sayang kita. Dia nak kita cari Dia supaya kita tahu Dia sayang kita. Kadang-kadang hidup ini takkan jadi macam mana yang kita nak. Kita kena terus berjalan supaya kita tahu hargai bagaimana hidup. Dalam perjalanan hidup kita, kita akan jumpa macam-macam orang. Setiap pertemuan Tuhan yang tentukan. Segala yang jadi ada hikmah so bila kita ditimpa apa-apa, kita dianiaya, kita jatuh atau apa saja kita kena kuat. Kuat untuk diri sendiri teruskan perjalanan hidup. Kita tak tahu apa yang akan jadi esok dan lusa. Jadi kita kena kuat.

 Hidup ini memang macam-macam. Kita tak boleh buat semua orang suka kita. It’s normal if ada yang benci, ada yang dengki tak puas hati dengan apa yang kita ada. Kita kena sentiasa bersedia. Bersedia untuk diri sendiri bukan orang lain. So kalau kita jatuh orang menangis tak dapat gelakkan kita. Macam aku. Aku memang jenis yang susah nak percaya orang. Tak kisahlah berapa lama pun dia hidup dengan aku or kenal aku. Bila kita dah banyak kali dikhianati, kepercayaan dah tak sempurna. I pick one or two quotes here. Trust is like an eraser, once you do the mistakes it’s getting smaller. Trust is like a crumple paper. Once you crumple it, it will never be as perfect as the exact paper. So that’s it. Sesiapa pun boleh backstab kita. 

Sekarang ni dunia dah moden. Macam-macam ada bak kata astro and from that macam-macam orang boleh buat just untuk kepuasan diri sendiri. Simpan dendam and balas dengan cara yang tak sepatutnya. I can say that’s totally immature. Siapa kita nak tentukan balasan seseorang. Besar sangat ke kita nak membalas perbuatan seseorang. Berdoa je lah orang yang buat kita tu ditimpa balasan yang setimpal. Kuasa Tuhan tu amat besar. Dunia ni pun kecik. Mana-mana pergi kita still berdiri di tempat yang sama. Biar orang buat kita, kita jangan buat orang sebab kita taknak sama perangai macam orang tu. Kita redha and serahkan segalanya pada yang lebih berkuasa. 

Terima kasih mama dengan ayah sebab didik me and sisters attitude yang baik. Even mama dengan ayah sibuk kerja time we were little but still they give us love and teach us about respect and wise. Tak kisahlah orang bercerita or aniaya kita, kita jangan buat orang balik macam tu. Mama kata, mana-mana kita pergi jangan lupa respect others. Tuhan bagi ganjaran and balasan kadang-kadang dalam bentuk yang kita tak nampak. Mama dengan ayah pesan jangan pernah mengeluh kalau kita dalam kesusahan and jadikan satu titik tolak kita berusaha sendiri and ayah selalu pesan susah dahulu senang kemudian and I still whole those words.

Saturday, March 17, 2012



Setiap kejadian ada hikmah sebaliknya. Everything happens for reason. Percaya pada kuasa Allah. Allah Maha Adil Maha Mengetahui. Dia sentiasa tahu yang terbaik untuk hambanya. We have to stay strong in any circumstances or trials that we face. Jodoh ajal pertemuan semua tertulis di tanganNya. Dia bagi kita pilihan and kita yang pilih jalan tu tapi setiap jalan yang kita pilih dah ditakdirkan perjalanan dia macam mana. Qada' dan Qadar.

Orang yang berkahwin pun boleh bercerai. Kadang-kadang orang yang berkahwin pun tak bahagia and macam macam lagi. Kita bukan siapa nak lawan kuasa Allah. Segalanya soal jodoh Allah. Leave evrything to Him. Even yang baik dibalas baik and jahat dibalas jahat. Every single flaws that happened in my life I take it all as a lesson. Lesson to be someone better dunia akhirat. Amin.

 I'm talking about religious thing bukan nak berlagak sebab me myself banyak kelemahan dan kekurangan tapi sebagai hambaNya. Kepercayaan yang kuat padaNya sentiasa ada. That's the reason I keep stay strong.

Friday, March 16, 2012


I've been busy lately with final exams. I got 1 and a half weeks more to grad my diploma. 3 more papers to go. Lot of things need to be settled down in this few weeks with my college department. Final year clearance. Mini transcript. Sigh. In the time I getting busy with my final revisions and final clearance, well, God gives me such a huge trials. Money problem. Relationship problem. and what else.

Money problem is a common thing for me when it comes to the end of the semester. Well I'm not born from a rich family. I'm from moderate. Since I was in the kindergarten, me and my sister survive independently because mom and dad were busy working. People said early education is important in shaping ourselves along the growth stage. Agreed here. We ironed our school wear on our own and prepare everything by ourselves. Homework. Timetable. Well that's can't be the reason we can complaint. I know but that's the thing what makes us today. Some friends said, ask the money from mom and dad. I'm doubt they think the same thing as I think. I don't want to burden them. Actually when you get used of finding your own pocket money, automatically you gonna be shy when asking money form your parents. That's my first problem. Keep thinking where I could find money in short period of time without burdening my parents..

Second problem is relationship. Yes mom's always right. Single is just better when you are studying. My relationship often goes wrong these days. I don't know why and I don't think it's important to think hard about anyway but when it comes to a stalking thingy and backstabbing. I am freaking pissed off. I lose control.There  are some lifeless dumbasses that will never and ever satisfy with me in their attempts to ruin my life.  Btw no body can stop me from writing and blogging. That's one of my area of expertise. Thank you

Friday, January 27, 2012


"Cinta sejati tetap menerima walau disakiti, tetap mencintai walau dikhianati dan tetap menunggu walau ditinggalkan."