Saturday, April 23, 2011


I do cry when I miss someone. I do cry when I upset. I do cry when I lost someone I love. I do cry when someone scold me. I do cry when someone disappoint me. Yes I am easily cry. I don't mind if people would say what a spoil brat or whatever it is. but that's me. 

Cry relieves me. from pain. from heartbreak. from disappointment. from every single thing that make me upset. I just cry. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Thanks for everything.
Thanks for entering my life.
Thanks for make me smile each day.
Thanks for make me wondering everyday.
Thanks for make me hurts.
Thanks for everything.

There is a time you know when someone do nothing but you still feel that you have to say thank to them. It is not because any other intention but it just you want to say this word. Well that is what I wanna say to him. He is totally doing nothing. He just entered my life and left some footprints in here but still thanks for everything.

I miss you. I miss you yesterday. I miss you today and I am going to miss you tomorrow.
I really miss you and I am going to miss you more. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


She stares at you because she smitten
She calls you because she just want to hear your voice
She calls everyday because she misses you
She kisses you because she wants to
She yells because she cares
She texts you because she wants to know where you are
She sits close to you to lean on your shoulder
She shares problem with you so that you can wipe all her tears
She walks beside you to hold your hand
She asks you questions because she curious, not to be annoying
She keep silent doesn't mean she forgets you 
She angry with you doesn't mean she hates you
She cries because she frustrated 
She smiles out of no where because she's thinking of you
She keep listening to your uninteresting story because it is important for her
She stands in front of you so that you notice her
She just a normal girl who stays strong even you keep breaking her heart.
She just a normal girl who stays strong even so many times you make her cries
She just a normal girl who stays strong, let you go and move on.