Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well it’s not like you turn 21 each year. The fact that is I’m gonna turn to 21 just in a few days away and I have no idea how it would be. I’m not looking forward to it actually. I finished my graduation but still I can’t come over the fact that, in the age of 21 I own a car with my own money. And in this age I thought so many things about the future. Worried about money and savings and I also have plan on applying housing loan. Too fast I know. That’s it. Talking about the celebration. I’m not into a celebration thingy same goes to my family.  Remember the date of my birthday is more than enough.

What I do before I turn 21. Loads. On last Monday, I went to a football match between Manchester City against Harimau Malaya. It was an amazing feeling when I had the chance watched a live football match. Moreover it’s my favourite football club ever, Manchester City.  Well about this I’m gonna tell in the next entry.

Okay watched football match and what else.  Hm I tried out Bazaar Putrajaya. FYI, along this fasting month, I already checked on 5 bazaars include Bazaar Section 17, Bazaar Section 18, Bazaar PKNS, Bazaar stadium and the latest Bazaar Putrajaya. Bazaar Stadium much better I guess than Bazaar Putrajaya. You should try both.

Then played bowling at Sunway Pyramid. It was so enjoyable. Why I said so. I’m not so superb in this game compared to my partner but I won for the second game. Hetric. 3 times strike.  Well don’t underestimate me hehe. He was unsatisfied because he dropped 20 points away against me for the second game so we decided to rematch. Just soon enough. Takde hal lah. Bring it onnn :D


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