Friday, November 19, 2010


Orang cakap cinta tidak semestinya memiliki. 
I hold on that word. 
Yes it is. 
Hidup ini memang macam-macam. 
Kita banyak belajar dari kehidupan yang kita bina sendiri. 
The thing that I get from my 19 years old life is the road or the decision that we made in life. 
Like a title of poem " The Road not Taken ". 
Sometimes I am thinking what is going to be happened if I take the first road and what if I didn't take the second road. 
Everything is going  to be different. 
Yes I admit I have been regretted sometimes with the choice that I have made before this or in my past. 
Past is past and the most perfect way to cover up my regretful is learn. 
I believe that life is all about learning. 
Learning from the mistakes that have been done in the past and learning from the wrong choices that have been made. 
I never stop learning.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010


ART is my passion. it is what i will do when there is an emotion or a person that i want to remember.
actually i have been into art since i am in childhood. i love to draw some kind of weddings and scenery. furthermore my mom do encourage me in my drawing as i was a my point of view, drawing is not difficult to do like some people think. if you have the interest and will, you can make it.ART is able to reduce my stress when i am studying and solving any calculus questions besides you will have some kind of astonishing output through it.

here i admit that i am not so good and talented in this kind of art because i do not have any basics at all. however i am always try my best to strengthen my skills on my own and i never boring in doing this lovely hobby. if i get the opportunity to focus on my art i will take it without any hesitation.

Drawing a portrait is not the only art then i want to give it a go.Stroking a paint on a canvas, do some drawing using charcoal and some other drawing that really can make up senses.
Essentially i am studying on science course right now which is really opposite to my hobby. by hook or by crook, i have to finish my study first and then i will focus and try some more in improving my art.
i don't know what exactly the direction i am going to go in life but i do know i have the desire to open my own galleries someday. some part of the gallery which exhibit some arts of local artistes and some other parts will display for the people who wish to venture out.
What a huge dream of me right :)
so lets express yourself through art and do enjoy it!