Thursday, December 27, 2012


Love yourself that much more important. I started dating at young age and I was always that innocent girl who was committed to her boyfriend but end up with broken hearted. I was also always in a relationship. I’ve been in three relationships that lasted awhile and every single of them started almost immediately after break up.

I’m the type that would never break someone’s heart which is why I rather get dumped than to break up even it was the most miserable moment in a relationship. Eventually things changed. As I grow up I started to see things clearly. I also realized all these things happened for a something better. I enjoyed single and every single moment that time!

By living alone, I had to be on my own to appreciate myself and really made me more mature. It took me awhile to realize that I don’t need a guy to be happy and have a better life. And now currently I’m happy with my loved ones. Actually you don’t have to push yourself to have a relationship but keep believing.

Every girl ought to know how to stand on her own feet without having a man to fall back on. Always learn from your mistakes from past that’s how you gonna understand and appreciate yourself more. Sometimes we need to put others aside and do what’s the best for us. Remember that girls don’t necessarily need guys to be happy. Mr. right will coming along. Just learn to love yourself before let anyone love you


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