Monday, November 19, 2012

18th NOV 2012

It was the best day yesterday. We went for a movie and decided to watch Istanbul Aku Datang. It was a beautiful movie after all. Funny yet sweet through the combination of Beto Khusyairi and Lisa Surihani. Plus Dian was sooo cute! I did really like the plot. Lebih kurang sama with what I’ve been gone through. Siapa yang tak tengok lagi better watch sebab memang worth it!

Then me and love had Butter Rice with Gravy Roasted Chicken at Pavilion for lunch. Lepas dah pusing pusing we straight headed back to Shah Alam. Even dah makan pun still lapar. Thought of what to eat Syg decided to have Steambat at Uptown Shah Alam. Soooo yummy yummy. Makan makan dan makan.

Why it was the best day. Hmm yela siapa yang tak happy spending the day with the loved ones kan. Lepas makan borak borak talked about opinion masing masing. Talked about life people around us and our future. Thank God for having him with me. That's all I wanted. kbye


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