Friday, March 23, 2012


5 days more I'm gonna end my study. I do have some plans or should I say WISH-TO-DO-LIST.

1- License. Well I should get a license before a car. You don't have to be surprised. I don't have a car license yet. Due to the super duper pack timetable, I don't have the chance to take a driving license. Plus I wanna take driving class at my hometown, Shah Alam. In that case, I have decided to settle my car license as I finish my study soon.

2- A car. Mama promise me to get a car for me after I finish my study. InsyaAllah I'm gonna own a car just soon enough well with mama's sponsorship. Mama give me some options but my eyes already catch on local made. I'm not really into a luxury car. What I need is a trendy car that suits me.The colour should be my favorite color which is red or white. And what else. Okay enough with this

3- Find a job. I'm on my way finding someone interested to hire me. I'm not stay-silent-at-home type. I already attended an interview and I got the job but still I filled few other applications and still on-going in finding some other jobs near to my house so that it's easier for me. 

4- Buy a pair of Manchester city jersey. Is this one sounds funny. I don't mind. Well that's it. 

5- Apply scholarship. There is no way I forget about this one. Busy with other stuff I almost forgot the important one. I already had some lists of scholar for me to fill in. I should put reminder on this I

6- Baking Muffins. I'm gonna strengthen and shape up my baking skills. Muffins and chocolate chip cookies. I already imagine a plan to market my homemade muffins and cookies. As I'm still a beginner so I will start it step by step.

7- Buy guitar on my own.  I have collected some to buy guitar using my own money. I already surveyed the cost last few days with friends. I need just a few more to finally reach the cost target. Then I can proceed my guitar learning session by myself. Yippeeee

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