Monday, June 2, 2014


Ramai tanya how much I spent for my engagement day last May. Now I wanna share. Me, keep reminding myself to have under budget expenses which I can get more and spend less.

DIY Pelamin 
Sewa barang from DIY Wedding located at Sungai Besi, KL. (RM160)

DIY Hand Bouquet
Materials from Nilai 3 and Dios Wedding World. (RM50)

DIY Ring Case
The material I got mostly from the same place as hand bouquet

DIY Busana Tunang
Busana kosong bought from Boutique (RM200)
Beading, sulam sendiri. Beads supplies from Dios Wedding World (RM10)

Make up I do it myself. Arabian canopy only cost RM 200 include scallops. Catering from Jazz Catering RM6.00/pax. That time I prepared for 100 pax only and received good comments from all.

Menu: Kampung Style
- Nasi Putih
- Daging Masak Lemak Cili Api (Daging sangat lembut)
- Sayur campur (The best of all)
- Ikan Masin
- Ulam ulaman
- Sambal Belacan
- Kek Pisang & Swiss Roll
- Air Oren

Sangat berpuas hati. Under budget and terbaik!
You can calculate yourself berapa banyak budget include all. Not exceeds RM2000.

It depends on the individual itself how much they wanna spend for their event. For me, this only an engagement. It is not necessary to spend thousands plus. The important thing is your biggest day, that is your wedding day. Always keep it under budget! ;)

P/S: To anyone, who's now looking for busana tunang, I rent mine as low as RM70 per day, hand bouquet available for rent, RM30 per day and my other DIYs. If interested do contact me via email, Thanks!



I am not the kind of girl who spend money on a guy. I am not the kind of girl who share money with a guy. The time I went out with my guy friends or my ex boyfriend I didn’t use a single cent from my wallet. Just so you know. I never treat any men. I never spend money on one guy. It doesn’t mean I’m materialistic or stingy but from there I’m able to know that guy is really sincere or not. That guy put an effort or not to be with us, to have us.

I like to observe. Observe my surrounding and the people in it. Like few of my guy friends, they don’t prefer to go out with me as they get to know I’m this kind of girl. LOL. I don’t mind at all. Why? It’s because that kind of men is not for future. You know what I mean by future right. Yeah, HUSBAND.

I met my fiancĂ©, Hairuddin Hashim. The time we as friend, I didn’t spend any cents on him till he feels very difficult to be with me. He needs keep spending on me. Nak keluar need to spend nak watch movie need to spend. In men’s view, nampak macam irritating. In women’s view, I don’t know because some of us use to spend money on guys. They don’t bother for a boyfriend. Love is blind :P

As the time goes by, I can see his effort to be with me. He finds extra money for us and for our future. He plans on his money much better than me now. He even got savings more than what I have. He never fails to fulfill my needs and my wants. At that moment, I change my mode dari tak pernah keluar duit kepada keluar duit for a guy, for that one guy, my fiancĂ©. Soon, in few days time will be my future husband. Only God knows how nice he is and how loving he is with me. Even though he’s not perfect in front of others eyes but he’s perfect to me. Love you baby!

And girls, jangan biasakan keluar duit or bagi pinjam duit to a guy or to a boyfriend sebab belum tentu dia ikhlas dengan kita and dia kahwin dengan kita okay. Always keep your money for yourself kecuali kita ada ikatan dengan dia.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Everyone actually have their own love story whether it's sad ending or happy ending. Ada yang dapat a same love story. Well itu lah dunia. As a muslim, we called it takdir, Takdir Allah. Qada' dan Qadar, which is kita kena terima dengan redha. Bila putus cinta, stop reminiscing whatever memories together. Semua orang pun pernah mengalami. Semua orang pun faham perasaan sakit untuk lupakan seseorang yang kita cinta tapi kita kena redha sebab itu jalan Takdir Allah. Siapa kita untuk menentang dan mempersoalkan takdir Dia.

You need to move on. Be mature and move on else you will be a lifeless person. Like you're stalking that guy this girl to know what they are doing. Lepas tu you can't end up with your own chaos. Kacau sana kecoh sini. Create a situation and drama just to have a satisfaction and have a revenge of yours. It's very childish. We are a grown up not a child anymore. Stop acting like one. Get back to your sense and have a life. The less you care the better.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Happy news to share this week as per below :)

Management reviewed my salary and I got increment. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah.
Secondly, I am counting days to my big day. May Allah ease everything. Amin.


She loves to read my writing. Lets write then! Today, I feel to write about trust.

Got this one close friend I used to be a good friend of her. I don't trust her. I just don't. I don't have any good reasons but I don't trust her.

My family is matter the most to me. Of course I trust my family more than any other creatures in this world. No backstabbing here. I feel so safe. They are in my first ranking if we are talking about trust.

When I put my trust on one person, they are not just my friends. They are my sisters, my family. I cannot simply take outsiders to be in my family. Of course it takes few years to be. As I grow up, many kind of friends I met. Trust me, you just have to trust. The real one will stay.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


It has been a long time I didn't share with readers out there how is it going with my life. First of All, I wanna thanks to Allah. Terima Kasih Allah Kau ketemukan aku dengan dia kembali. Sesungguhnya kuasa Dia Maha Besar. Subhanallah. After all downtimes and hardtimes, Allah returned him to me. He answered my pray. Thank you Allah. Aku yakin dengan Kuasa Allah. Jodoh pertemuan dan ajal segala di tanganNya. Tidak perlu berdendam dan mengeluarkan kata kata kesat. Serahkan segala padaNya. InsyaAllah akan ketemu kebahagiaan yang abadi.

May Allah ease everything between us. After all the obstacles we faced, it really taught us to appreciate each others more. I'm happy to see he's happy everyday in his life. Nothing more I wanna see apart from his smile and his laugh for the rest of my life. What he said to me make me shed into tears tonight. Pray for me. Pray that I can handle this nervousness. Only Allah knows how's my feeling right now, how's my feeling every day as I open my eyes. Semoga perjalanan majlis kami di pertengahan tahun ini berjalan lancar. dan semoga Allah menghindarkan kami dari hasad dengki dan dendam manusia. Amin.

Terima kasih Ya Allah atas dugaan yang Engkau berikan kepada kami menjadikan kasih sayang ini lebih kuat. Semoga kami akan lebih kuat untuk menghadap hari yang mendatang
InsyaAllah, sekiranya dia betul adalah jodoh kita, tidak perlu risau tidak perlu khuatir kerana Allah akan tetapkan hatinya untuk kita dan hati kita untuknya.