Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typical Guy it is

You know what, guys are all the same. If guys heard this statement they've would say "No. Not all". Yes you are right guys but for the certain things they did they usually give the same typical reasons or they use the same typical words or so much known as "pick-up line". For my point of view, guys are much alike an imposter.
I would be pessimistic when it comes to relationship and guys.

I think SOME guys have more than 1001 ways to cheat or to twist a situation. SOME guys use pick-up lines to take advantage on girls and they've did that always for some reasons whether it is bad or not. I give you something to imagine here.

A guy says that he needs time and he's not ready for a serious relationship or a commitment but actually he's not ready to leave his playground and play around with his toys. A guy just broke up with his girl and he suddenly asks you out maybe he want you to be his re-bounder or try to flirt around with you. A guy assures you a loyalty because it is easy for them to get you because he knows that this innocent girl would trust all his fake promises. A guy calls you with all these pet names "Sweetie", "baby", "sweetheart" because he knows that this innocent heart would be fall in love with him. They sometimes use sort of sweet words and just wanna get laid.

So girls. Whatever circumstances it is, you have to always and always be careful and be brilliant in a relationship not blind. XOXO .

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Wishes

I wish I could say good night to you every single day
I wish I could hug you tight every single day
I wish I could say sweet words to you every single day
I wish I could be the one who comfort you
I wish I could be a listener to your problems
I wish I could spend my everyday with you
I wish I could hold you tight when I'm down
I wish I could be the first person you share your stories
Keep thinking of you everyday
Keep missing you everyday
Keep wondering of you everyday
I wish you're the one
The one who warm me when I'm in cold
The one who comfort me when I'm in depressed
The one who listens to all my problems.
The one who says morning and night to me
The one who cares my everyday condition
The one who hug me even tighter than mine
You are the one and only one
But sadly 
It's only a bunch of wishes

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I do cry when I miss someone. I do cry when I upset. I do cry when I lost someone I love. I do cry when someone scold me. I do cry when someone disappoint me. Yes I am easily cry. I don't mind if people would say what a spoil brat or whatever it is. but that's me. 

Cry relieves me. from pain. from heartbreak. from disappointment. from every single thing that make me upset. I just cry. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Thanks for everything.
Thanks for entering my life.
Thanks for make me smile each day.
Thanks for make me wondering everyday.
Thanks for make me hurts.
Thanks for everything.

There is a time you know when someone do nothing but you still feel that you have to say thank to them. It is not because any other intention but it just you want to say this word. Well that is what I wanna say to him. He is totally doing nothing. He just entered my life and left some footprints in here but still thanks for everything.

I miss you. I miss you yesterday. I miss you today and I am going to miss you tomorrow.
I really miss you and I am going to miss you more. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


She stares at you because she smitten
She calls you because she just want to hear your voice
She calls everyday because she misses you
She kisses you because she wants to
She yells because she cares
She texts you because she wants to know where you are
She sits close to you to lean on your shoulder
She shares problem with you so that you can wipe all her tears
She walks beside you to hold your hand
She asks you questions because she curious, not to be annoying
She keep silent doesn't mean she forgets you 
She angry with you doesn't mean she hates you
She cries because she frustrated 
She smiles out of no where because she's thinking of you
She keep listening to your uninteresting story because it is important for her
She stands in front of you so that you notice her
She just a normal girl who stays strong even you keep breaking her heart.
She just a normal girl who stays strong even so many times you make her cries
She just a normal girl who stays strong, let you go and move on. 

Monday, February 7, 2011


Everything was pretty awesome on 31st January 2011 for the first trice. My fellows and I were hanging out to have some funs and excitement. First thing of the day is all of us, KING, IBAI, FIEZA, WANY and of course ME drove LUVNIE to her college, UIA around 8 or 9 pm.
After that we were heading to Asia CafĂ© at Subang to meet AMAR up and chill out played pool. I don’t have any experiences playing pool so I just sat back and relaxed taking some photos of my friends and mine.
We decided to have midnight dinner together at Nawas restaurant before heading back to our own home after spent for about 3 hours at AC. Laughed out loud like there’s no tomorrow.
Like people said. Jangan nak gelak tak ingat dunia nanti nangis. Sometime this quote looks stupid but believe it or not it do happen guys.
Five of us, KING, IBAI, FIEZA, WANY and I were involved in an accident. It was my first car crashed and it was bad. I mean fucking fucking fucking bad. I just can’t describe this moment but five of us clearly know what are totally we feel and suffer from those pains.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


We are young, We run free
Stay up late, We don't sleep
Got our friends, Got our night
We'll be alright
- Travie Mccoy -

I can share things and thoughts. I can relate to them and I can envy them. Some of them said I am choosy in making friends but the fact is I am not.It just I am not a friendly type of person. 
It aint easy to have friends because they are come and go. What I know is I am always be there for them and they are always by my side.They can give you the same thing in return.
I bet you friends are awesome and great to have. They are the one who lend me a shoulder to cry on. They are the one who listen to my love story. They are the one who bright my way when I am sorrow. They are the one who make my life less burden in some circumstances.
 Sometimes these kind of things across my mind. What will be happen if there are no friends
I just fucking love them and really thank to God for their existence in my life. Everytime with them It just like never ending happiness and excitement.