Friday, March 16, 2012


I've been busy lately with final exams. I got 1 and a half weeks more to grad my diploma. 3 more papers to go. Lot of things need to be settled down in this few weeks with my college department. Final year clearance. Mini transcript. Sigh. In the time I getting busy with my final revisions and final clearance, well, God gives me such a huge trials. Money problem. Relationship problem. and what else.

Money problem is a common thing for me when it comes to the end of the semester. Well I'm not born from a rich family. I'm from moderate. Since I was in the kindergarten, me and my sister survive independently because mom and dad were busy working. People said early education is important in shaping ourselves along the growth stage. Agreed here. We ironed our school wear on our own and prepare everything by ourselves. Homework. Timetable. Well that's can't be the reason we can complaint. I know but that's the thing what makes us today. Some friends said, ask the money from mom and dad. I'm doubt they think the same thing as I think. I don't want to burden them. Actually when you get used of finding your own pocket money, automatically you gonna be shy when asking money form your parents. That's my first problem. Keep thinking where I could find money in short period of time without burdening my parents..

Second problem is relationship. Yes mom's always right. Single is just better when you are studying. My relationship often goes wrong these days. I don't know why and I don't think it's important to think hard about anyway but when it comes to a stalking thingy and backstabbing. I am freaking pissed off. I lose control.There  are some lifeless dumbasses that will never and ever satisfy with me in their attempts to ruin my life.  Btw no body can stop me from writing and blogging. That's one of my area of expertise. Thank you

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