Sunday, June 24, 2012


It's been awhile I didn’t update my bloggy and feed the followers with some new stories of my life. Admit that I miss myself writing a blog and share some good and bad stories to the world and now I'm gonna start afresh. Gonna be a brand new ideas and materials to share with and to open up with. No more sad love stories hmm think so hehe. 

Well as the month goes by, I'm already graduated so I decided to start with my afterschool plans. What can I say here there are loads things I wanna do. Yeah am upgrading my life.

Firstly my car is going out just soon enough. Just need a little of patience. Secondly my side income business is on going. Actually I got two business plans to build. One for the short term and another one for the long term which I mean is the first business plan is only organize by me myself while another one with my business partner. I’m still finding some information to gain opinions and tips from the experience one. How much exactly the costs I need to invest and the risks of starting a business from scratch. I’m not gonna tell to the world yet what is actually the business I am up to. Just wait and see.

It’s been a quite some times I didn’t meet and hang with the friends. Just making money money and money.  It’s not an excuse but I admit I’m too busy to make all my plans become a reality. It just I do really need times to strengthen my position and of course finance.  There are some of them said that I am too young for everything. Too young to be serious in making a business and finding money. Tapi bila lagi kita nak start kan. Too young too early better than too old too late. Right.

I am hundred percent confident with all of it. Be positive!


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