Monday, June 2, 2014


I am not the kind of girl who spend money on a guy. I am not the kind of girl who share money with a guy. The time I went out with my guy friends or my ex boyfriend I didn’t use a single cent from my wallet. Just so you know. I never treat any men. I never spend money on one guy. It doesn’t mean I’m materialistic or stingy but from there I’m able to know that guy is really sincere or not. That guy put an effort or not to be with us, to have us.

I like to observe. Observe my surrounding and the people in it. Like few of my guy friends, they don’t prefer to go out with me as they get to know I’m this kind of girl. LOL. I don’t mind at all. Why? It’s because that kind of men is not for future. You know what I mean by future right. Yeah, HUSBAND.

I met my fiancĂ©, Hairuddin Hashim. The time we as friend, I didn’t spend any cents on him till he feels very difficult to be with me. He needs keep spending on me. Nak keluar need to spend nak watch movie need to spend. In men’s view, nampak macam irritating. In women’s view, I don’t know because some of us use to spend money on guys. They don’t bother for a boyfriend. Love is blind :P

As the time goes by, I can see his effort to be with me. He finds extra money for us and for our future. He plans on his money much better than me now. He even got savings more than what I have. He never fails to fulfill my needs and my wants. At that moment, I change my mode dari tak pernah keluar duit kepada keluar duit for a guy, for that one guy, my fiancĂ©. Soon, in few days time will be my future husband. Only God knows how nice he is and how loving he is with me. Even though he’s not perfect in front of others eyes but he’s perfect to me. Love you baby!

And girls, jangan biasakan keluar duit or bagi pinjam duit to a guy or to a boyfriend sebab belum tentu dia ikhlas dengan kita and dia kahwin dengan kita okay. Always keep your money for yourself kecuali kita ada ikatan dengan dia.


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