Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Everyone actually have their own love story whether it's sad ending or happy ending. Ada yang dapat a same love story. Well itu lah dunia. As a muslim, we called it takdir, Takdir Allah. Qada' dan Qadar, which is kita kena terima dengan redha. Bila putus cinta, stop reminiscing whatever memories together. Semua orang pun pernah mengalami. Semua orang pun faham perasaan sakit untuk lupakan seseorang yang kita cinta tapi kita kena redha sebab itu jalan Takdir Allah. Siapa kita untuk menentang dan mempersoalkan takdir Dia.

You need to move on. Be mature and move on else you will be a lifeless person. Like you're stalking that guy this girl to know what they are doing. Lepas tu you can't end up with your own chaos. Kacau sana kecoh sini. Create a situation and drama just to have a satisfaction and have a revenge of yours. It's very childish. We are a grown up not a child anymore. Stop acting like one. Get back to your sense and have a life. The less you care the better.

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