Tuesday, September 3, 2013


3rd September 2013: This is the first time I plan a surprised birthday celebration for the person I love. To arrange this celebration took a very neat plan. One day before his birthday, I went to Secret Recipe straight away from work to book the cake then went to the target place that was Nandos. I was very nervous you know because this was really the first time for me. Never did this and not that romantic though.

On the day, we promised to meet at 8 then I told him that I want to treat him Nandos. He was okay with it and followed without any hesitation or questions. I said to myself this gonna be just fine while inside I am nervous to death. After took a seat, I said I wanna go to the toilet but actually I want to take the cake at Secret Recipe. I knew he felt weird but I had to stay cool and calm or else everything will screw up.

After the orders are all arrived, all staffs in Nandos sang a birthday song for him and brought the cake to him. He was so happy and of course felt so shy. Looked him, he was that happy, I was happy too. He can’t stop smiling till the end of the day. We shared the cake with all the customers there and Nandos staffs. One of the customers took pictures and a video of us while we don’t even have time took a video to record the day.

Each of the customers came to us and wished him a good life and a good health in future. More than 10 customers were there. Each of them prayed a good thing for him. Alhamdulillah. This was the first time and I was touched as he was so happy with it and said the surprised celebration like this was his first time. Happy. Hope I get the chance to plan lots surprised things for him. Insyaallah. Till Jannah.


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