Monday, March 25, 2013


Met his mom for the first time yesterday. I wanna share some. For me the first impression seems  to be okay. Just fine. Tuhan je tau how scared I am how nervous I am. But He ease everything.  

Yes I woke up early yesterday to meet boyfriend before he went back to hometown to visit his Wan. After I met him without took any shower I watched Running Man and had lunch. Suddenly boyfriend whatsapp me said that his mom asked him to ask me to follow. At first didn’t want to but when boyfriend said ‘bila lagi’, I changed my mind. Then boyfriend asked me to get ready and picked up after Zuhur prayer.

As I got in the car. Salam mama dia and smile. His mom smile back at me. Okay GOOD SIGN! Dalam masa perjalanan didn’t talk much. Better this way sebab banyak cakap nanti salah kata might ruin the first impression. Who knows.

Lepas makan tengah hari dekat sana me and boyfriend pergi belakang rumah took some of Pelam and Kendondong balik Shah Alam. That’s the story of yesterday. His mom was really kind. Lembut je orangnya. Not as I expected. Happy. May God and his mom bless our relationship till marriage. Amin J

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