Wednesday, March 6, 2013


1) Looking for a better job and career.

2) Study PJJ in UITM
     * Human Resources Management
     * International Business Management

3) Start up a business
     *Stock and delivery
     * Management and customer satisfaction.

These are my 2013 target. I bet it’s gonna be a busy year. I’m gonna do all important things in life for my future which are CAREER, BUSINESS and STUDY. I know it takes time to succeed but am gonna try my harder to do all of them within this year. Not sure can start all of them within this year but I’ll try. THINK POSITIVE!

Reminder for myself.  Don’t procrastinate anything. Do what you really wanna do and MEAN IT. Well maybe it’s gonna fail sometimes but not all the times. BE POSITIVE!

 I don’t want to waste my young age. The opportunity. Only once in a lifetime. All I do is for the best of my future and my family.


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