Monday, April 29, 2013


I don't feel very well today. Having fever and sore throat for two days already. Unbearable pain all over the body, soooo hard to endure. I haven’t seen the doctor yet because of my very pack daily routine. Maybe if it’s getting worse today I’ll go after work then. 

But still I want to say thanks to my sweetheart for taking care of me the whole day yesterday.  He was so sweet. Bought me Nasi Goreng to eat.  Looked for me Barli Suam and fed me medicine even the way he fed me weird haha. How struggle he was looking for my Barli Suam, touched. While no body’s looking for my health condition, he was there. Always. Thanks boyfriend.

Work place. Nothing much. I’m just a bit tired and weak. Excessive workload. Just pray something good happens to me later. InsyaAllah.


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