Thursday, January 27, 2011


We are young, We run free
Stay up late, We don't sleep
Got our friends, Got our night
We'll be alright
- Travie Mccoy -

I can share things and thoughts. I can relate to them and I can envy them. Some of them said I am choosy in making friends but the fact is I am not.It just I am not a friendly type of person. 
It aint easy to have friends because they are come and go. What I know is I am always be there for them and they are always by my side.They can give you the same thing in return.
I bet you friends are awesome and great to have. They are the one who lend me a shoulder to cry on. They are the one who listen to my love story. They are the one who bright my way when I am sorrow. They are the one who make my life less burden in some circumstances.
 Sometimes these kind of things across my mind. What will be happen if there are no friends
I just fucking love them and really thank to God for their existence in my life. Everytime with them It just like never ending happiness and excitement.

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