Friday, November 19, 2010


Orang cakap cinta tidak semestinya memiliki. 
I hold on that word. 
Yes it is. 
Hidup ini memang macam-macam. 
Kita banyak belajar dari kehidupan yang kita bina sendiri. 
The thing that I get from my 19 years old life is the road or the decision that we made in life. 
Like a title of poem " The Road not Taken ". 
Sometimes I am thinking what is going to be happened if I take the first road and what if I didn't take the second road. 
Everything is going  to be different. 
Yes I admit I have been regretted sometimes with the choice that I have made before this or in my past. 
Past is past and the most perfect way to cover up my regretful is learn. 
I believe that life is all about learning. 
Learning from the mistakes that have been done in the past and learning from the wrong choices that have been made. 
I never stop learning.

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