Monday, February 7, 2011


Everything was pretty awesome on 31st January 2011 for the first trice. My fellows and I were hanging out to have some funs and excitement. First thing of the day is all of us, KING, IBAI, FIEZA, WANY and of course ME drove LUVNIE to her college, UIA around 8 or 9 pm.
After that we were heading to Asia CafĂ© at Subang to meet AMAR up and chill out played pool. I don’t have any experiences playing pool so I just sat back and relaxed taking some photos of my friends and mine.
We decided to have midnight dinner together at Nawas restaurant before heading back to our own home after spent for about 3 hours at AC. Laughed out loud like there’s no tomorrow.
Like people said. Jangan nak gelak tak ingat dunia nanti nangis. Sometime this quote looks stupid but believe it or not it do happen guys.
Five of us, KING, IBAI, FIEZA, WANY and I were involved in an accident. It was my first car crashed and it was bad. I mean fucking fucking fucking bad. I just can’t describe this moment but five of us clearly know what are totally we feel and suffer from those pains.

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