Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Typical Guy it is

You know what, guys are all the same. If guys heard this statement they've would say "No. Not all". Yes you are right guys but for the certain things they did they usually give the same typical reasons or they use the same typical words or so much known as "pick-up line". For my point of view, guys are much alike an imposter.
I would be pessimistic when it comes to relationship and guys.

I think SOME guys have more than 1001 ways to cheat or to twist a situation. SOME guys use pick-up lines to take advantage on girls and they've did that always for some reasons whether it is bad or not. I give you something to imagine here.

A guy says that he needs time and he's not ready for a serious relationship or a commitment but actually he's not ready to leave his playground and play around with his toys. A guy just broke up with his girl and he suddenly asks you out maybe he want you to be his re-bounder or try to flirt around with you. A guy assures you a loyalty because it is easy for them to get you because he knows that this innocent girl would trust all his fake promises. A guy calls you with all these pet names "Sweetie", "baby", "sweetheart" because he knows that this innocent heart would be fall in love with him. They sometimes use sort of sweet words and just wanna get laid.

So girls. Whatever circumstances it is, you have to always and always be careful and be brilliant in a relationship not blind. XOXO .


  1. hmmmm but i feel all guys r nt same..wel whn it comes to excuses ya they r really gud at it.. surely