Saturday, June 8, 2013


Some stalkers they stalk because of admiration while some stalkers they stalk because of hatred and vengeance. I am not so comfortable to write lately because some of them choose to read my blog as a stalker instead of a reader. Stalker, they read  and use the information we shared as the source of vengeance. In Bahasa digunakan untuk memburukkan mengaibkan and menjatuhkan reputasi. While reader, they use our shared information as a source of knowledge and experiences.

Well for the entry today I'm not interested to write about the first type of stalker. Lets write about the second one. This kind of stalker they read my blog and they twist it into something that can strike me down. They took the input and story to other people in other way. Let say they're a very narrow minded kind of person. Immature. Yeah all blogger I bet all of them have the same talent and passion in writing just like me. What you are writing and the ideas, all of it you wanna share in a positive way but this pathetic narrow minded person just ruin your passion in a blink of eye.

Here I make confession. As this happened to me, I have no mood to write for almost one year.  Yes I feel sad. Writing and blogging is the only way for me to interact with the entire world. I am so passionate to write about every and each experience in life that I face. But this kind of pathetic stalker ruins everything. As the time passed by, I get some kind of motivation within myself, I can't quit writing just because someone wants to bring me down. The harder they push me the stronger I get up.

Thanks to the stalker for stalking me. Nothing can stop you from stalking, yes I am clearly know. But you also have to know that no one no single creature in this world can stop me from writing. This is my space and I can write about anything and anyone I want to write about. Addition, stop being such an immature person. Grow up. Kbye.


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